The awkwardest moment with the boss

March 6, 2008 at 4:21 pm (Tawar) ()

What is your awkwardest moment with your boss???

For me, it was that night.

My boss, with his friends, were taking me to one spot in downtown Surabaya.

The man who host the occassion, drove us with his BMW to TP2.

Then valley parked his car, allowed us to entered the private club called…nah, I won’t publish it.:)

Then he opened a nice, luxury K room, and called all the girls of the club. Then, it was the awkwardest moment with my boss, when I had to stay in the room, singing like a fool with the lady.


usually, I can just easily forget, and leave all the things happen in club, just stay in that club…but it keep coming out in my thought.Damn it!!!



  1. y2n said,

    Take care your self Bro .. 😀

  2. tehtawar said,

    I just wanna scream!!!

    Yeah yeah,,,

    Thank You, Bro

  3. Yusuf Aria said,

    wah, kalo gw yg begitu, tau dah what’ll happen :p

    selama iman dan “Amin” kuat, I believe that you’ll be protected ..
    keep straight bro .. just like what you are now

  4. tehtawar said,

    temen gw di atas ni emang anaknya bijaaaaakkk bangetz..

    ceweks….gw persembahkan…


    ~kidding dude

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