When the Greatest Moment Begins

June 17, 2008 at 12:08 pm (Tawar) ()

Just wanna share these, hope you’ll feel great too 🙂

Embrace, Embrass

“Wherever there is one of us, the other is present”

“In love there is only one law: to make your love happy”

“Jealousy is Amor’s sister just like Lucifer is a brother of the Angels”

“Sometimes it’s better to be wrong about your motives than to listen to the truth”
~La Rochefoucauld

“When two people cry together for the first time, they understand how much they love each other”
~Emile Deschamps

“The greatest joy Love can give you, is to take your lover’s hand for the first time”

“The moment one begins to love another, is when life really starts”

“Since she wanted me, I ask myself up to what point I became more respectable”

“If somebody asks why I loved the way I did, I’ll answer that both of us were authentic.
That is my only answer”

“We meet, come to know each other, fall in love and part right after”
~Samuel Taylor Coleridge

“Without the slightest doubt, there is love in this world.
What worries me is how to express it”
~Osamu Dazai



  1. azrimazhari said,

    lo nulis apa si dik??

    gak ngerti gw…

    boker dulu ah!! hidup http://astagayuk.wordpress.com !!

  2. fery said,

    cool !!!

  3. phie said,


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