The Hectic-Horrific-Panic Jakarta

April 17, 2008 at 5:01 pm (Tawar) (, )

Have you ever felt anxious?

Have you ever felt wrong and confused of what you’ve done?

Have you ever felt rejected?

Feeling so lost?

Feeling unclean?

and scared?

The city where I’d thought that I could search modernity, but I found pre-historic life instead.

The city where I feel so alone.

In every part of life I lead, in every step I walk, in every breath I take, I just miss humanity.

All the people live from day to day. I can’t take it.

I was to scream but nobody will listen to me.

I just miss the people I’ve left.

But I want to overcome my uneasy-meet-people thing too.



  1. phie said,

    suka deh ama warna background blognya *duh ga nyambung ma topic* 😀

  2. amir said,

    sama ndik… feel so lonely…

  3. tehtawar said,

    then welcome to the planet

  4. Yusuf Aria said,

    yups, humanity just can hardly be found in Jakarta.
    Thank god ada Bandung. Tempat gw lari tiap ada kesempatan …
    Btw kalo ke Bdg kabar2in siah! In case gw lagi di Bandung juga, hehhe

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